Suppliers to the construction industry, 

Specialising in drylining metal and steel framing systems

Resilient Group is a highly motivated and professional company, supplying cold rolled steel sections for the construction industry, in particular galvanised Stud and Track, I-stud, SFS, suspended ceiling grids and wall lining systems for the interior and exterior Drylining industry.

Supplying customers nationwide, you will find our pricing extremely competitive and prices include expert technical advice to assist you with your new project. 

All of our products conform to relevant British Standards with certification available upon request.

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"Value Engineering and Technical support"

Resilient provide high spec. cost effective alternatives to those offered by big brand suppliers.

All products include the relevant test data, ensuring you feel safe in the knowledge that our products are right for your project.

We are able to offer technical and engineering expertise to support you with your project planning.

"High standard and very efficient"

At Resilient we understand the importance of providing services and goods in a timely and professional manner.

We aim to return all quotes within 24 hours. Having our own technical team enables us to offer a fantastic service.

Deliveries can be completed quickly and our skilled technical team are on hand to provide a professional, comprehensive and fast response to enquiries.

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We offer residential and commercial construction drylining solutions for a variety of projects across the country.

Our company specializes in SFS, metal stud and track, mf ceilings, coated C3 and C5 products. We have over 25 years combined industry experience and all relevant test data and technical data sheets specific to each project.